Stay 10 mn from the Champs Elysées...
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Rent a three bedroom appartment situated in Neuilly, the upscale suburb of Paris, where the local celebrities live.

2/3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen (1000 sq feet)

Availability : no date yet    2001

$ 1200 a week

Non smokers only please!!!

The following locations are on the direct métro line, from the time you leave the appartment count

8 minutes to the Champs-Elysées arc.jpg (11022 octets)
15 minutes to the Louvre louvre.jpg (21116 octets)
20 minutes to the Bastille bastille.jpg (31374 octets)
30 minutes to the Eiffel Tower  


check the location, then come back to this page and write us if you would like to rent         boitelettre.gif (1311 octets)

Terms and conditions :

- Non smokers only

- 25% non refundable deposit

- $1200 damage deposit returned upon leaving

- sheets and towels furnished